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I run a small Arma 3 server for my friends, and we’re pretty impressed by these guys. We get great performance for the pricing ($7.44/m on a 8-slot), and my support tickets were answered promptly. Would absolutely recommend.
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I have had a CSGO server with Swiftnode for almost a year now and have only had a couple problems. The server runs great and the support is quick and helpful. Calvin is quick to reply to any issues I run in to and they have all be taken care of in less than an hour. The only downtime we had was due to a fiber cut and we were back online in only a couple hours.
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I have a A3 epoch server with these guys and they support is awesome! i asked them to change my server to chernarus and it was done within 10 minutes of me putting in a ticket.
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I currently have a small ArmA 3 server with Swiftnode, but I have had multiple servers with them in the past. The prices are low and the support is fast. The team at Swiftnode never fails to go above and beyond my expectations and my needs. I would recommend Swiftnode to anyone looking for great service at a low cost.
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Their DDOS protection is fucking nuts. Great job Linden and Liam.
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Linden and Liam are amazing! They go OUT OF THEIR way to help you. The servers are VERY affordable and have been the best out of 10 GSP's ive tried. Im being serious. You cannot loose with swiftnode.
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Hey guys, Like i told u before super service... Btw Made a bornholm server too now, i did not even bother u this time xD
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Unbelieveable support. Worked with Linden for ~8 hours straight, despite the Super Bowl being on.
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Like half year ago i found this company bcz of reflex game. I asked them to add odamex and they were so gentle and added odamex next day. Maybe citadel is a bit cheaper overall but on swiftnode is no slot limit and prize is always 8 dollars. I host reflex server in france and they are nice. So feel free to test them. :)
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I am using and have not had any issues with their products.
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